Jean Gross is an education expert who has led many national initiatives aimed at improving the learning, attainment  and wellbeing of disadvantaged children and those with special educational needs.


She is committed to “making a difference for children and young people who don’t have much going for them in their lives.” She is interested in providing advice and support to those who share this commitment and are working at a strategic level to make change happen for children.


Read some of Jean's recent blogs:

  • on engaging parents in their children's learning https://learningwithparents.org/blog/2021/10/21/reaching-the-unseen-children/
  • on mental health in schools https://www.eif.org.uk/blog/doing-more-of-what-works-new-evidence-provides-insight-and-opportunities-for-change-in-how-schools-support-good-mental-health
  • on early language at


  • on social and emotional learning at




Jean also writes in a personal capacity, about the death of her daughter   Kate and the impact on the family. You can read her account at https://kateelizabethgross.wordpress.com/afterwards/