Current Projects

Jean provides keynotes at national and local conferences, on a range of topics from the Pupil Premium to communication and language, parental engagement, resilience, social and emotional learning, and special educational needs.


Jean has put her heart, soul and long experience of working with disadvantaged children into her book. : Reaching the unseen children - practical strategies for closing stubborn attainment gaps in disadvantaged groups. It focuses particularly on white boys from low income backgrounds. It is available at


‘An extraordinary book. It makes those ‘Unseen Children’ visible to us all with incisive arguments, an array of evidence, along with compelling personal stories. It offers anyone with an interest in education a comprehensive account of the challenges faced by so many children in our education system. And yet, it manages to remain hopeful and practical. It is both a call to arms and a helping hand to everyone in education who wants to address the disadvantage gap and make ‘Unseen Children’ seen, heard and supported to thrive.' 


Alex Quigley, the Education Endowment Foundation and author of ‘Closing the Reading Gap’